ZombieSmash 1.07

Flick the undead to death


  • Gory graphics
  • Lots of fun power-ups
  • Sandbox mode


  • Gets very repetitive
  • Makes your thumbs ache!


ZombieSmash is a Tower Defense-style iPhone game where your mission is to eradicate an invasion of flesh-eating monsters.

There's something about iPhones and zombies that goes together very well. Games such as Zombie Farm, Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies, and Plants Vs Zombies have all proved very popular on the App Store. ZombieSmash is another excellent ghoul-busting game for iPhone, in which you need to flick the evil undead to send them packing.

The zombies in ZombieSmash attack your house from both sides, so you need to get used to using both thumbs to flick them away. The further you flick the little monsters, the more likely they are to die straight away. There are different kinds of the undead to deal with but thankfully there are lots of weapons and power-ups to collect to help you out.

There are three different game modes in ZombieSmash: Campaign, Endless Siege and Sandbox. In the campaign mode, you need to survive night after night of zombie attacks in order to progress through the game. Endless siege, which is locked at first, is a never-ending flicking free-for-all. Sandbox allows you to set up your own games, experiment with weapons and summon as many or as few zombies as you like.

The graphics in ZombieSmash are great fun. Expect lots of heads popping off, limbs being tossed around and loads of blood. The sound effects that accompany these grizzly deaths in ZombieSmash are also very funny.

The trouble with ZombieSmash is that essentially the gameplay doesn't alter. All you are doing is flicking your finger around the screen. Not only does this get a bit boring after a while, but your thumbs will start really aching.

ZombieSmash is fun for a while, but it's not a game that will keep your attention for very long.

Restored classic ZombieSmash! App Store icon Bug fixes/tweaks


  • Restored classic ZombieSmash! App Store icon Bug fixes/tweaks


ZombieSmash 1.07

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